So far this term the Year 4 classes have had a composting and a worm farm incursion. We have learned about how to separate waste correctly, how to make compost for our gardens and how a worm farm works. The Year 4 classes are getting more and more environmentally friendly so we can look after the planet as we grow up. This week we’re going on an excursion to the Gravity Discovery Centre and we can’t wait!




This term in Religion, we have been giving thanks to God for our wonderful mums. We had a ‘Mother’s Afternoon’ where we got to spend some special time pampering our mums and doing some craft activities together. We drew pictures of our mums and talked about why they are so special. We have had prayer circles where we thanked God for Jesus’ mother and have been learning the very special prayer, the Hail Mary.  We also read stories about mums and discussed ways they show love, just as God does!
We have also been learning all about different community helpers, focusing on all of the people who help us in emergencies such as doctors, nurses, firefighters and police. This is a prayer that the Kindy children wrote together.
Thank you God for everything you do and for giving us nurses and doctors who help people. They fix our cuts and give us medicine and make us better when we are sick. We love you very much. Amen.